Do I have savings account in the Cash Can I make personal loan?

Savings are one of the most well-known Brazilian financial investments. Another common practice is taking personal loans. Therefore, many people ask: Do I have savings account in the Cash can I make personal loan?.

Doubt refers to contracting a personal loan possessing only one savings account. Is it possible?

Savings account

Savings account

Part of the popularity of savings is due to its practicality: it is easy to open and handle a savings account. Among the advantages of a savings account are the fact that it is exempt from income tax and the possibility to redeem the money at any time due to the absence of a grace period.

In addition, the money deposited in the savings account is guaranteed by the FGC (Credit Guarantee Fund) up to the amount of R $ 250 thousand, which means zero risk.

Personal loan

Personal loan

A person may have several reasons for wanting to take out a personal loan. To do so, it resorts to financial institutions that can lend money to individuals. Institutions analyze loan applications on a case-by-case basis before granting them. If the line of credit is approved, a contract is established defining the terms of the loan.

In contracting, a deadline is set for the repayment of the loan, as well as an interest rate. The advantage is that the interest charged on these transactions is generally much lower than the overdraft interest, and certainly much lower than the astronomical interest of the credit card.

Do I have Savings Account in the Cash Can I make personal loan?

Do I have Savings Account in the Cash Can I make personal loan?

Savings passbooks also have some drawbacks. Among them are the impossibility of having a checkbook, and the impossibility of taking bank loans.

Therefore, it is not possible to make a personal loan with only one savings account.

“How can I do it then?”

"How can I do it then?"

To make a personal loan, you will need a checking account. You then need to choose a financial institution, that is, an institution that provides you with the necessary credit.

The approval of the loan is made by the financier according to its equity and its objectives. A loan can be denied. But the criteria of each institution are different. Some even offer personal loans to “negatives” and people with the name “dirty”.

How to choose a financial loan to make personal loan?

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Anthony Blanche is an online broker who has partnered with the best institutions for anyone looking to make a personal loan quickly and without bureaucracy. We cite below some of them.

Dulesa offers a friendly online platform for anyone looking to borrow. The system asks for parameters such as the amount of the loan, the desired term for the payment and the purposes that the person intends to give the money.

Creditblack has a website that brings together several credit providers, offering the possibility to compare several options. It is possible to find the most varied loan offers, from low values ​​such as $ 200.00, up to higher, like $ 30,000.00.

Most of the companies mentioned have, on their websites, mechanisms to simulate a loan. So you can know how the values ​​of the installments that will have to pay until the expiration will evolve. Did you like our post on “Do I have a savings account at the cash desk, can I make a personal loan?” Learn more about how you make $ 1 million in savings.

And if you have an account with the Cashier, here’s how to check the balance for the phone itself. Is easy!