Small loans and credit lines in the amount of up to 7500 euros and without collateral!

All credit institutions can be divided into several categories. Some offer loan products, such as collateral and surety, and without a prompt account statement. Others focus on offering small loans customers or offer a credit limit instead. There are also companies that allow their customers to choose a loan type.

You can only find this different option

You can only find this different option

If you visit a business site, you will see immediately what they offer:

  1. A virtual card that you can spend up to 5,000 euros. The main advantage of this type of loan is the possibility of significant savings on interest, not using the entire loan amount.
    The scheme is simple: as much as you use the credit limit, you can return it. The contract is only formalized once, no account fee is charged when registering an account. The other advantage is a flexible repayment schedule, you can pay your loan strictly on a schedule or make larger payments. The refund period is 12, 24 or 36 months. You also choose this yourself. If the € 5,000 is too big for you, you have a few more options – you can accept a minimum loan amount of € 300 or higher, but use only the amount of money you need.

    A credit account is the ideal way to manage your funds. The money arrives in your account in just a few minutes, the interest rate on the loan is determined individually and remains unchanged throughout the life of the contract.

Even if you pay back the loan, your loan agreement remains active and you can re-use these funds if necessary. This means that you no longer have to accept anything again and you will not lose your valuable time anymore. In order to know the amount of the monthly payment to be refunded when you apply for a successful credit account, it is enough to choose the amount you borrow from the website – from 300 to 5000 euros, and the repayment term is 2 or 3 years, and the system automatically calculates itself.

If the service is not suitable for the customer for any reason, it has the right to refuse the credit account within 30 days. Disclaimer is free of charge.

  1. Consumer Loan. A good opportunity for those who don’t have a loan of € 5,000. This consumer loan can be applied for from 500 to 7500 euros. The loan period is 3-60 months. The company does not restrict the use of funds by the borrower, so you can use the money for any purpose. As practice shows, consumer credit is the best way to cover unforeseen costs. Applying for a loan is extremely easy and will be credited to the borrower’s account quickly. A relatively high interest rate of 20% per annum and above can be considered a drawback of such a loan.

The loan repayment schedule is based on an annuity, which is very convenient because the borrower’s monthly repayment amount and maturity are the same, so the borrower can actually evaluate his free funds and opportunities. Early repayment of the loans or the extension of the term is also possible, the latter being paid to the borrower. If you are 18 years of age and want to borrow, you will unfortunately have to look for other options because the consumer loan is issued for the age of 22. Additional requirements for obtaining a loan are the existence of permanent income, residence or residence permit and impeccable credit history.

If he does not meet at least one of these conditions, the loan of this company must be forgotten. In addition, the potential borrower must attach a half-year bank statement to the application. Whether the loan decision is positive or is denied to the customer via SMS or e-mail.

  1. Car leasing or loan with auto collateral. Possibility to get a low interest loan – 2.5% per annum. One of the lowest interest rates on the market. Despite the fact that the loan is secured by a car, the borrower has the right to use it for the entire loan period. There are no contract fees and this loan is issued to the borrower aged 18-60. The borrower must be the owner of the car and the age of the vehicle should not exceed 13 years. The maximum maturity of the loan is up to 5 years. The loan amount offered is between EUR 1000 and EUR 100,000, but not more than 65% of the market value of the collateral. It does not necessarily have to be a car, it can be a motorcycle, a bus or a truck.
  2. A mortgage loan is another popular type of collateral loan that allows you to borrow in the amount of 1000-100,000 euros, but not more than 80% of the current market value of the collateral. The loan period is up to 15 years. The interest rate is 9% per annum. is ready to postpone loan installments for a maximum of 12 months. Country houses, apartments, houses, parcels suitable for collateral.

Quick loans and business loans and their terms

 Quick loans and business loans and their terms

It is characterized by small loan amounts and repayment terms – the loan is given in the amount of 100-1000 euros, with the term – from 1 to 36 months. It is ideal for smaller purchases and unforeseen costs. For this loan, it is interesting that it is not formalized on the website, but is directed to the smsmoney website of their partner. The repayment schedule is based on an annuity. Early repayment is permitted. Is there a loan already at the age of 18? This loan is your chance! The interest rate is 4% per month. This loan makes it interesting to receive it in cash, in addition to receiving a bank account. Such a loan is also known as ” loan in cash “.

The company also offers its customers a business loan. The maximum amount of such a loan is 5000 euros, the credit period does not exceed 3 years and the interest rate is 5% per month.