Bay Plastics Machinery Puts Customers First at K Show

Pelletizing machines, as the name suggests, form pellets of consistent size, shape, and weight for handling and measuring purposes. If the product is mass-produced, a customer can turn to Bay Plastics’ new AXP Heavy-Duty Granulator for heavy-duty granulation applications and medium-duty production. The granulator presented at the 2022 K show offers excellent cutting performance, compact size and ease of use, according to BPM.

The AXP is offered in 12-inch and 16-inch cutting widths and features custom motors, typically larger” to provide more robust cutting for today’s engineered resins, including heavy glass-filled materials. “, according to BPM.

A push-pull bed knife allows users to adjust the knife, which wipes water from the pellet strands during pultrusion, so that the knife is consistent from end to end.

The AXP also features larger diameter rollers and bearings to reduce deflection across the width of cut and an optional gearbox that allows the heavy-duty customer to ‘engage upper and lower feed rollers’.

If a customer is looking for a granulator for laboratory use – or a test phase for a product – they might be more interested in the BT25X system, also on display at K. This benchtop granulator is an advanced version of the granulator series Bench Top 25 Lab and includes industry standard AC motors and drives – identical to BPM’s complete production models.

The new drive is offered in a range of voltages, intended to be accessible to customers worldwide.

Benefits of this smaller machine include a ‘safe torque off’ feature; a wider speed range to allow slower or faster production, both in single bath and continuous mode; and a control cabinet to house the drives.

“They could run a lab and test different materials, run a variety of strands,” Jim Forgash said.

BPM itself does not charge for lab testing, maintaining an open door policy as the customer pays for the materials and BPM can prove the different characteristics and design characteristics of a material.

BPM offers field service for the maintenance of its machines, sending treatment technicians to carry out repairs.

“We let our customers learn while assembling the machines. … We show them the fixes and how to make them,” Jim Forgash said.

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