Farsoon Launches FS721M Metal Additive Manufacturing Machine with Eight Laser Option

FS721M Large Format Metal Platform is available with eight 1000W lasers (courtesy Farsoon Technologies)

Farsoon Technologies, headquartered in Changsha, Hunan, China, launched the FS721M multi-laser metal additive manufacturing machine at this year’s TCT Asia show May 26-28 in Shanghai, China. Available with eight 1000W lasers (FS721M-8) or with two or four 500W lasers, the platform offers a build volume of 720 x 420 x 420mm and is suitable for high volume mass production.

“Although the FS721M is the latest addition to Farsoon’s metalworking machinery portfolio, the FS721M was actually born out of an internal development project dating back to 2017,” said Don Xu, director of Farsoon Global Business Group and general manager. of Farsoon Americas Corp. , “We have spent the past three years testing and optimizing a large format multi-laser metal system through continuous operation and development; in the meantime, the machine has been opened up to partners in China for specialized projects looking for suitable industrial applications. For the past two years, we have seen an increasing demand from industrial customers who wish to adopt this system for large-scale metal production. That’s when we decided to take the next step to fully commercialize the FS721M system, which presents itself as an accessible but very productive tool, unique in the market.

Farsoon designed the FS721M to incorporate high performance all digital optics to control its lasers. The three-axis optics allows the development of advanced algorithmic controls and custom scanning strategies. These advanced controls allow the FS721M to achieve consistent laser-to-laser performance in multi-laser overlap areas, resulting in parts with consistent properties across the manufacturing platform.

The FS721M also features a continuous powder feed, optimized gas flow and built-in long life filter module, which are supposed to help create a stable and uninterrupted build process, further improving the smelting process of metallic powders.

Powered by Farsoon’s Makestar software package, construction process controls enable real-time monitoring of the construction environment, including laser power, airflow, temperature, humidity and many more variables. In addition, each FS721M is equipped with in-room cameras which are used to monitor and record each layer. In addition to recording the data layer by layer, the cameras also activate Farsoon’s real-time pavement monitoring feature. This feature records and analyzes each overlay layer in real time. If a power supply or short build error is detected, the software will automatically overwrite or abort build to ensure build quality.

Another feature that is believed to dramatically improve the user experience is the integrated bypass station attached to the FS721M. When the FS721M completes a build, the complete build cartridge is transferred via an internal conveyor system to the bypass station. This fully enclosed workstation enables the safe and clean disposal of powder from a completed construction without the user needing to come into contact with the powder.


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