Giuseppe Giliberti joins TM Machinery as a service engineer

Giuseppe Giliberti is the newest addition to the engineering team at TM Machinery. A sports enthusiast brimming with team spirit, Giuseppe’s motivation and desire to learn, combined with his naturally competitive nature, enabled him to complete a level three course in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and earn the one of 30 spots in Toyota’s hugely popular four-year apprenticeship program. program to become a versatile and fully qualified maintenance engineer.

“It was the best thing I have ever done, and beating thousands of people to get an apprenticeship in partnership with Toyota was a very proud moment for me,” says Giuseppe. “The first two years were spent at Toyota’s Apprentice Development Center – an engineering school – where we learned everything from manual electrical skills, welding, hydraulics and pneumatics to hands-on machining. on lathes and milling machines. It was an intense time, but I learned so much and it really fueled my interest in engineering.

It is no surprise to Giuseppe’s family that at the end of his apprenticeship he became a machine maintenance engineer and spent two years deepening his knowledge of machines.

“I spent my time learning as much as I could about woodworking machines by taking them apart and rebuilding them,” he says. “It was a great way to develop my skills and it gave me the opportunity to work on panel and solid wood machines. “

But Giuseppe wanted to take on a new challenge and gain more experience there. In June 2021, he became the newest service engineer of TM Machinery.

“From the start, TM approached things differently, admits Giuseppe. “They wanted to know what I had learned since leaving my apprenticeship program, what I liked, what I wanted about my career and where I wanted to go. They wanted to make sure this was the right fit for both of us and as a result I have a job that I really enjoy and that continues to challenge me every day. I now cover everything from machine repair and maintenance to machine disassembly and installation.

It is the machine installations that Giuseppe particularly appreciates. “I’m passionate about building something from nothing,” he says. “I felt the same at school and always liked to see how things were done. Recently I worked with another engineer to take a wall saw out of service and move it to another unit, where we then had to reinstall and fully test the machine out of the box. This kind of work puts into practice everything I have learned and puts my skills to good use. There is nothing better for me and I am delighted to be part of the TM team.

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