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WORKS ON ALL MACHINES: i4M monitoring and control systems can be used on existing machines, regardless of brand or type.

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With fertilizer and fuel prices at record highs, farmers are looking for greater efficiency to help offset rising costs.

Precision Agronomics Australia director Matthew Roesner says that as input costs rise, more farmers find they need to improve efficiency, “but they don’t have the capital budget. to go buy the latest and greatest tractor or the latest and greatest spreader, seeder or sprayer.”

That’s where i4M systems from Precision Agronomics come in. The on-the-go monitoring and control system can be used on existing machines, regardless of brand or type of machine.

“So they can install an i4M system and take advantage of things like variable rate or site-specific management without having to incur that huge capital cost,” Roesner said.

They can adapt to an i4M system and be able to take advantage of tasks such as variable rate or site-specific management without having to bear this huge investment cost.

– Matthew Roesner, Precision Agronomy

i4M products include a fertilizer spreader controller app, which allows farmers to make variable rate fertilizer prescription plans, minimizing fertilizer waste and ensuring crops receive the correct fertilizer dosage optimum.

Fuel and labor savings can also be realized using the i4M tillage height controller, Depth Command, designed to enable more efficient deep ripping in different soil types.

Other i4M products include a Planter Controller which can be used to run variable rate seed prescription plans using a single hopper planter, and the i4M Chaser Bin Monitor, designed to measure and record with precision tracking hoppers.

The i4M system is independent of the tractor and operates on a tablet located in the cab, which communicates with the machine via a Wi-Fi link.

IMPROVED EFFICIENCY: The i4M plowing height controller is designed to provide more efficient deep ripping depending on soil types.

According to Roesner, this methodology reduces complexity and costs, ensuring the reliability and ease of use of the products.

He says transferring variable rate maps and depth maps is easy. There are no unlock codes or subscription prices – once farmers purchase the hardware, they have access to the server for transferring and managing prescription cards.

“It’s a really quick and easy learning curve. The systems were designed with simplicity in mind,” he said.

Launched in 2018, the Australian-designed and built system now has almost 300 users in Australia and 150 in the UK, and the number is growing every year.

i4M is 100% owned by Precision Agronomics Australia (PAA), an Australian company with over 10 years of experience at the forefront of precision agriculture.

PAA’s vision is to close the loop in precision agriculture to ensure that farmers achieve profits and production gains through variable rate technology and analysis of all forms of agronomic data.

  • For more information, visit the i4M website at: i4m.net.au

This is branded content for i4M/Precision Agronomy

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