Jeol launches new JAM-5200EBM metal additive manufacturing machine

April 8, 2021

The JAM-5200EBM offers a build area of ​​250mm diameter x 400mm height (courtesy Jeol Ltd)

Jeol Ltd., a manufacturer of metrology, scientific, medical and other equipment headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, has announced the release of its JAM-5200EBM, a metal beam fusion additive manufacturing machine from electrons (PBF-EB).

Leveraging the technology of its high performance electron microscopes and electron beam lithography system for semiconductor manufacturing, the JAM-5200EBM would offer high power, high density and high speed AM production.

The machine uses a long life cathode, providing over 1,500 hours of service, improving productivity by reducing downtime for cathode replacement. It should also be noted that no helium gas is needed to prevent dispersion of the powder. Here, Jeol’s unique “e-Shield” powder scattering prevention system is used to prevent scattering phenomenon.

An automatic electron beam adjustment function adjusts the focus and distortion of the electron beam, which would result in high quality and high reproducibility of the new machine. A remote monitoring system also allows the systems to be monitored 24/7.

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