Keeping Machine Batteries Primed During Winter – RealAgriculture

In honor of the shorter days of the year, it’s time to really think about those batteries in the big machines.

Batteries are an often overlooked aspect of machine winterizing and what spring maintenance could look like if we don’t follow proper maintenance methods.

Josh Goldsworthy, product manager for batteries at Case IH, says there are a lot of simple steps that can be taken to maximize your battery life.

“When you put it away, one of the simplest things you can do before putting it away is to make sure you clean that battery. And make sure there is no debris or corrosion on these terminals, these things can actually create a conductive path and drain your battery life much faster. So if you’re going to put your gear away and it’s dirty, there’s a good chance that even if you go and check it, you might end up with a battery that drains a lot faster than if it were clean, ”explains he does. .

Another cost effective method, Goldsworthy says, is to connect your battery to a maintainer.

“The maintainers you can get these days are all computer controlled. So they don’t overload your battery, ”he says. “You can keep these maintainers there for the life of the storage period,” he explains. “If you’re not able to keep a maintainer on it, be sure to go there regularly and check that your battery is charged.” Once a month, you should start this machine, let it run this battery, recharge it, or bring a portable charger with you and let it sit for a while to make sure the battery is fully charged.

Check out more battery care tips in the full conversation between Josh Goldsworthy and Kara Oosterhuis from RealAgriculture, below:

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