Machinery Focus Photo Review: Machines

December 26, 2021, 11:30 a.m.

Agriculture has always changed, it never stops and the constant renewal of the fleet of machines testifies to this simple truth.

The machines we use to cultivate are one of the most obvious indicators of this constant development. They are visible to those on the ground and those who pass by in their cars and are therefore often an indicator of progress.

It is rare, however, that spectacular innovation disrupts farming methods overnight. Innovation is incremental, and capturing some of these gains as they happen isn’t always the easiest task.

New machines or old revamped?

It often happens that a slight change in a machine’s specs is heralded aloud across hills and valleys while another fairly important invention can barely slip a whisper.

The importance of a modification or a completely new machine is seldom apparent, only time can pronounce the verdict on what will last and what will fade, and often inventions will have the greatest impact on their own. ‘in a way that was never intended.

No matter how important a new device or technique might be, the majesty of earthworking machines is still captivating to many of us, so here are some of my favorite moments captured on camera.

With no big shows, the local demo days became a draw and this Kuhn epitomized a fall day’s drill in County Tipperary.
Lemken Hills Drilling Machines
Drama in the sky and on the ground as this impressive unit comprising a JD 8R410 and Lemken Solitar 25 worked on the ground in Middleton, Co. Cork
Fertilizer spreader machines
Overnight rain reduced field demonstrations in Kilkenny, but this Deutz Argotron 6165 with Agri-spread AS2120SC spreader still put on an impressive show.
Harvest Laboratory Development Machines
We hear a lot about how digital technology is going to revolutionize agriculture, but it will be done step by step and the growing awareness of what JD HarvestLab can offer is proof of that.
A big square baler with a difference. The rocker piston of this Kuhn SB1290 iD delivers two compression impacts with each stroke
Fastbaler Development Agriculture
The seamless, non-stop bale production advances the efficiency of the baler and Kverneland has mastered the trick with its dual chamber machine which was demonstrated in Ireland for the first time.
Change agricultural machinery
A different take on a range of new tractors. These were awaiting new owners in Lyon and Burton of Kilcock, Co. Kildare
Tractor Machinery Machinery
The Ursus 335 dates from the 1970s. Its dual diesel pounding smoothly, more like a boat engine than a tractor, making it one of my favorites at the Glenmore Tractor Run.
Photo machines Fendt Atkins Birr
The extent of design work that goes into modern tractors is evident even on the surface. This Fendt 500 series Vario was seen at Atkins of Birr, Co. Offaly

Keep an eye on Agriland for the second part of the Machinery Focus photo review, next time looking at people and places.

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