Machinery game engine canceled as devs said to remove source code

Developer Our Machinery has announced that it will end development of its game engine, The Machinery.

According to an email sent to machinerywhich was shared on Twitter on August 1, development of Epic Games’ alternative game engine to Unreal Engine has halted (via Gamer on PC and game developer).

“Thank you so much for supporting The Machinery,” the email read. “Unfortunately, we have reached a point where it is no longer possible for us to continue in the current direction… We really appreciate you being part of the Our Machinery community. We hope we have been helpful in some way for your development needs.

No explanation was revealed for the sudden decision, but the email notes that all licenses must be terminated 14 days after the date of the notice and asks developers and users to “delete your copies of The machinery”.

Users were also told that they would receive refunds but must remove any source or binary code they had. This requirement was not in the original license agreement, according to game world watcherand when using return machine it was confirmed that in May there was no mention of source code removal in Section 14 of the EULA. Since May, the EULA has been updated to say otherwise.

“Upon termination of your license,” reads the current EULA, “you must immediately (a) cease all use of the Service and Content, and (b) destroy all copies of the Service or Content in your possession, custody or control. , including any associated source and/or binary code of the Service or Content.”

Moreover, the decision of Destiny 2 The lawsuit filed against the player who threatened Bungie employees revealed even more attacks. The decision included details of racist and homophobic threats, as well as voicemail messages left for employees.

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