Meet the team: Darren Ismay, Service Engineer at TM Machinery

Meet Darren Ismay. While you might not recognize its face, if you have purchased a reconditioned woodworking machine from TM Machinery in the past five years, you have certainly experienced its work.

Self-proclaimed motorcycle enthusiast and former racer with decades of experience in automotive manufacturing and mechanics, Darren joined TM Machinery in 2016 as an in-house engineer responsible for coordinating all machinery shipments in and out of the warehouse and to refurbish a wide range of used machines. Over the past six months, Darren has completed his Level 3 apprenticeship and is now a Fully Qualified Engineer.

“Machine refurbishment is a big part of my job and something I’m very proud of,” says Darren, 50. “I am currently working on five machines, each requiring different levels of refurbishment. It’s my job to make them look like and make them run like new.

“Each machine is carefully cleaned before being dismantled, the parts being maintained and replaced. The machine is then configured and fully tested before being shipped to its new home. No job is ever the same and I really like it – it keeps me on my toes. You also need to be a real problem solver, open to a different approach to each project, and have an eye for detail to get the job done right.

Darren admits he’s quite familiar with the machines he works on – he’s even able to spot some faults thanks to the tone of the engine – but that’s where his technical ability and passion for the industry shines. It’s not just a job for Darren, it’s his hobby. He’s a man who spends his weekends maintaining and prepping bikes for racing and rebuilding models that date back to the 1970s. “The job suits me well,” Darren says and it’s clear to see why.

His recent qualification built on his existing skills, with assessments in technical drawing, electrical testing, pneumatics, hydraulics and advanced mathematics for engineers. “It’s been over 30 years since I last walked into a classroom, but it was a brilliant experience,” admits Darren. “It was always going to be a challenge, but my enthusiasm and my experience working at TM have contributed immensely to my development. It’s really nice to work for a company that wants to invest in its people and that values ​​the work that we do. Thanks to TM Machinery, I am now able to complete on-site machine installations and offer on-site maintenance and repairs to our customers, while continuing to refurbish machines. I take great satisfaction from my job and knowing that I have a great team around me really adds to that.

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