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Optolong Optics Co. Ltd., owner of the Optolong brand, is a manufacturer of fluorescence filters and astronomy filters. We also offer other interference filters including UV filters, visible filters and near infrared filters, beam splitters, anti-reflective coatings and optical mirrors as an OEM service. Located in Kunming city of China, which is one of the four optical centers, and 22 years’ coating experience (since 1999) enables us to design and produce the filters with the most sophisticated spectrum. Optolong also specializes in manufacturing high volume optical filters for applications such as machine vision, analytical instruments, life sciences, industrial sensing and lasers. With the hard thin film coating machine, experienced filter design technician, experienced coating operator, stable control, durable property, batch-to-batch consistency, Optolong has become the supplier of choice for many manufacturers. international instruments. From prototype to high-volume production, delivering thousands of the most complex spectrum for customers around the world, Optolong has insisted on the company philosophy that is not as big as an elephant, but small and flexible. like a hummingbird. We always pursue supreme quality and customer satisfaction.

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