ORLAS Creator additive manufacturing machine

The industrial designer ORLAS metal additive manufacturing (AM) machine OR Laser Ensures smooth operation and increased manufacturing speeds that produce parts up to 30% faster than equivalent systems. In addition, the parts produced on ORLAS Creator offer a resolution comparable to that of more efficient machines on the market.

The ORLAS Creator uses an open cartridge material handling system. OR LASER has also worked hard to develop the right operating ecosystem for ORLAS Creator, with sophisticated software and interface developments. This means that no third-party software is required to operate the machine and eliminates additional running costs. In fact, OR Laser intentionally minimizes reliance on third parties in all of its operations – the company is not a machine integrator, but rather a machine producer with over 80% of the material produced in. internal as well.

The strengths of the designer ORLAS include:

  • A unique circular build platform design enables production speeds up to 30% faster compared to comparable platforms. These speeds are facilitated by a proprietary rotating precision coating blade
  • OR Laser’s solutions allow customers to individually customize key process parameters provided by the open platform strategy and complete software suite developed in-house and eliminating the need for third-party software
  • Remote control and tablet monitoring of multiple machines enables active monitoring of key process parameters from any location
  • OR Laser occupies a unique position as the only laser company to offer its customers a complete additive manufacturing solution that integrates in-house developed software, innovative hardware and remote process control.
  • The ORLAS Creator is an additive manufacturing system for a wide range of metal products offering the fastest route ever from product design to market launch; metal designs can be completed in just a few hours with no tooling investment; ORLAS Creator enables the tool-less fabrication of high quality metal parts directly from CAD data
  • The 250W fiber laser offers exceptional beam quality and power stability, ensuring optimal and consistent processing conditions to produce the highest quality parts

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