Renishaw to unveil PlusPac upgrade of its AM250 additive manufacturing machine –

Renishaw will be presented at TCT Show + Customize this year with a new upgrade and more of their products in full force. Held from September 30 to October 2 in Birmingham, UK, TCT Show + Personalize has been an ongoing annual event for 20 years. In 2014, nearly 10,000 participants from more than 50 countries will visit. It attracts a multitude of event enthusiasts from scratch – from novice users and individuals who are just starting to take an interest in 3D design and manufacturing technology to industry leaders.

As one of these “industry leaders”, Renishaw will be present to present its new PlusPac upgrade for its flagship product, the AM250 additive manufacturing laser fusion machine. The PlusPac upgrade is available either as an upgrade option with new machines or can be retrofitted on existing machines. This package is used for systems requiring faster treatment rate and cleaner process environments. “Faster” comes in the form of the new Optical Control Software (OCS) used to control the optical functions of the AM250. This software offers a multitude of features, including:

  • Increase in construction rate
  • Increased precision
  • Stricter control
  • Improved reproducibility
  • Improved machine calibration and setup

“Cleaner” comes in the form of a gas blade lens window protection system, where the gas flow reacts as a barrier to the buildup of process emissions on the window. The high capacity gas filtration system helps keep the environment clean and allows for fewer filter changes.

Renishaw Ecuador

Renishaw Ecuador

Also on display will be their versatile Equator gauging system which uses a 3D scanning probe to inspect workpieces much faster and more accurately, as well as their vacuum casting systems which make it possible to fabricate parts similar to cast metal by. injection and large volume. die-cast parts, but can be produced more quickly.

A UK-based company in business since 1973, Renishaw entered the 3D printing industry ten years ago. Their “flagship”, the AM250 is definitely a source of pride and joy, offering the production of dense metal objects widely used for:

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  • custom-made dental and medical implants
  • lightweight parts for aerospace and motorsport
  • efficient heat exchangers
  • injection molding inserts with conforming cooling channels
Sir David McMurtry

Sir David McMurtry

Renishaw stands out as the only manufacturer of a metal based additive manufacturing machine in the UK. Founded in 1973 by David McMurtry (now Sir David McMurtry), President and CEO, and John Deer, now Vice-President. Renishaw is a global leader in industrial metrology, specializing in additive manufacturing as well as large-scale metrology and surveying, motion control and styli for probing systems. They are also specialized in the supply of products to the health sector.

Renishaw has 60 offices in 32 countries, with 94% of their sales made outside the UK. They have won numerous awards, including fifteen Queen’s Awards, recognizing technological achievement, export achievement and enterprise (innovation).

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