Scott Bros creates new jobs after investing £ 300,000 in new machinery

Recycling specialist Scott Bros has invested £ 300,000 in a new crushing machine to increase production and create new jobs.

The family-owned, Stockton-based business is creating eight new jobs – six truck drivers and two fitters – as demand for its building materials continues to rise.

Founded in Teesside 40 years ago, Scott Bros. initially supplied dump trucks and excavators to local authorities and the construction industry, but has since grown rapidly to provide a range of ‘economy-friendly’ services. circular ”.

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Although still heavily involved in the transportation and rental of dumpsters and facilities, the company has branched out to provide recycling services, owning and operating household and commercial waste recycling centers, facilities aggregate crushing and screening, recycling soil and clays for construction purposes.

The investment in its new jaw crusher enables Scott Bros. to process an additional 100 tonnes of material per day.

Peter Scott, director of the company, which operates throughout the North East, said: “We process a lot of construction and excavation waste from around Teesside, an area with a heavy industrial past.

“As a result, there are quite a few unwanted metals that often cause serious damage to our current crusher, leading to costly repairs and unnecessary downtime. The new jaw crusher contains advanced sensors that detect the presence of damaging pieces of metal which can then be removed, reducing wear rates. It is significantly more reliable than our current machine, which only needs to be replaced after five years.

“This technology will save us a lot of time and allow us to process an additional 100 tonnes of excavation waste per day, which will allow us to produce more commercial grade aggregate.

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Earlier this year, Scott Bros. expanded its £ 1million washing plant, which processes crushed material, to a seven-day operation. It produces fine and high quality sand, as well as three grades of aggregate.

In addition to commercial customers, Scott Bros is also seeing an increase in rental orders for dumpsters, screened topsoil and building materials as households spend more on DIY projects in the home and garden.

Mr Scott added that the company is currently recruiting new truck drivers and assemblers to meet the demand for its services.

He said: “It is a busy time as the region’s economy continues to open up. We supply materials and equipment to some large construction projects in the Northeast.

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