SLM Solutions launches a metal additive manufacturing machine with 12 lasers

SLM Solutions officially launched its new AM machine, the NXG XII 600 (courtesy of SLM Solutions Group AG)

SLM Solutions Group AG, Lübeck, Germany, officially launched its new SLM® machine, the NXG XII 600, which is now commercially available. The Laser Beam Powder Bed Fusion (PBF-LB) additive manufacturing machine is equipped with twelve 1kW lasers and offers a square build envelope of 600 x 600 x 600mm.

The company reports that the NXG XII 600 is “the fastest AM machine on the market,” delivering build speeds twenty times faster than possible with a single laser machine and equipped with technical features such as a zoom function for achieve the highest productivity and reliability. .

It is designed for use in series production for high volume applications, as well as for the construction of large parts, thus opening up new applications in the automotive and aerospace industries and paving the way for additive serial manufacturing. industrialized.

According to SLM Solutions, the NXG XII 600 was designed from the ground up for series production and features a new optical system, considered the most compact on the market. It allows for a large overlap and is based on a custom laser scanning system to best suit the construction area.

The 12 optics provide spot size definition via a dual lens system called the zoom function, allowing customers to choose between different spot sizes in the focal plane, increasing build rates to 1000cc / hr, and more . Producing a higher yield of parts in a single construction job could enable mass production at a low cost per part.

To facilitate the integration of the NXG XII 600 into factories and supply chains, several automated features, such as automatic exchange of manufacturing cylinders, automatic start of manufacturing, as well as an external preheating station and a dust collection station, have been included.

In order to achieve consistent part properties across the building platform, the company also developed a new gas flow configuration as well as an optimized chamber design and SLM Solutions’ patented sintered wall technology. The company’s patented two-way liner has also been redesigned to be more compact and optimize gas flow.

The rugged machine design of the NXG XII 600, with a new thermal concept, is believed to minimize drift and allow customers to additively manufacture seamless parts. In addition, the machine comes with a new user interface concept that SLM Solutions says optimizes workflow and reduces operator training needs. The machine is available with two different powder handling options: a gravity-based solution and a vacuum-based solution.

Sam O’Leary, COO at SLM Solutions, commented: “The NXG Xll 600 is a revolution in industrial manufacturing. Until now, the limit was considered to be that of a quad laser system – what we deliver here with 12kW of laser power installed is truly revolutionary and a big step forward, not only for additive manufacturing, but for the manufacturing in general. “

“The potential cost reduction and productivity gains that this machine offers you mean, for the first time in the history of additive manufacturing, that you can have true mass production fully integrated into your supply chain,” he concluded.

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