The machine manufacturer expands its range

Austrian agricultural machinery manufacturer Pöttinger has added the new Top 882C to its range of popular center swath rakes.

Offering a working width of 7.7m to 8.8m, a longer boom allows swath width adjustment between 1.3m and 2.6m.

This flexibility offers the benefits of wider windrows for forage harvesters and narrower windrows for small self-loading trailers or balers. From a practical point of view, despite the rotor diameter of 3.7 m, the transport height without removing the tine arms is still less than 4.0 m.

The large tires on the frame are said to provide optimum stability, while the Multitast five-wheel subframe system provides precise ground following, which reduces dirt ingress into the forage. The positioning of the system allows the wheels to follow the ground immediately in front of the tines and react quickly to every undulation.

The new Top 882C is also available with the optional Flowtast slip bar which replaces the rotor frame wheels, allowing the machine to glide over deep ruts, holes or wheel tracks, making it particularly suitable for soft and moist soils.

In operation, the required working width is set hydraulically, while the lift sequence can be adjusted to achieve rapid headland turning or maximum windrow clearance, with even lift achieved via the standard flow divider .

An individual rotor lifting system, with electric preselection for raking headlands and field borders, is also available as an option.

The Toptech Plus rotor unit features a continuously adjustable cam track with a diameter of 420mm to produce a clean yet loose swath.

Distinctively, the raking tines are positioned directly below the tine holder, angled forward in a dynamic position. This setup is said to actively lift the forage away from the ground, much like the typical pitchfork action.

This is said to ensure that as crop volumes increase, the material moves up the tine unimpeded, reducing dirt ingress and leaf splitting.

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